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EMBARK provides bus, ferry transit, bike share and downtown parking solutions in the Oklahoma City metro area. Our transportation options connect people with their community, while easing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution.

Major Milestones


The City Council of Oklahoma City established Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA)  in order to continue the needed public service. COTPA, founded as a public trust, started with only 18 buses, which were leased from the Oklahoma Transportation Company.


COTPA approved the renaming of the bus system to MassTrans


COTPA was reorganized and the City established the Public Transportation and Parking department providing senior management for COTPA through an inter-local operating agreement that continues today.


COTPA approved the renaming of the bus system to METRO Transit


COTPA approves doing business as EMBARK for both its transit and parking divisions


Today, EMBARK is responsible for providing a diverse family of services to the greater Oklahoma City area. Services include: 

EMBARK is a Union Shop with Amalgamated Trust Union (ATU), Local 993.



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Mission Statement

The mission of the EMBARK  is to provide public transportation and downtown Oklahoma City parking services to the citizens and visitors of the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area so they can safely and affordably travel and park in a customer friendly environment.

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